First upgrades on the Vortex 250 Pro

Some of my initial upgrades on the ImmersionRC Vortex 250 Pro fpv race quadcopter.  3d printed a camera bumper protection plate and some rear feet.  This has 2 aims… firstly the obvious is that it protects your fpv camera.  The second is that along with the rear feet it aims to act as a skid plate and stops the bolts being damaged.

I initially found that a couple of my bolts were very soft and the heads ended up being rounded when i tried to remove the top plate.  I removed them by using a Dremel to grind a slot in the heads.  I then used a flat bladed screwdriver to remove the bolts.  All bolts that screw into metal (or use loktite/retainer) have now been changed with A4 grade 316 stainless steel bolts.  For anyone wanting to know the sizes they are M3X10mm and M3X12mm.  The 10mm are used throughout the frame and the 12mm ones are for the motors.

There are also some shorter M3X6mm bolts that screw through the base of the PDB (Power Distribution board) and hold the FC (Flight Controller) in place.  These are screwed into small nylon standoffs.  Metal screws and nylon standoffs don’t really go well together.  The solution is to either change to nylon bolts or opt to add a tiny pin prick of CA glue on the threads of the bolt.  I done the later and it works great. You only need to use a tiny amount or you will not get the bolt back on.  Its literally just to stop the bolt spinning in the standoff.

My next upgrade will be better motors for more thrust and tougher bearings.  Watch this space!

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  1. Can you print/sell me a set of the bolt skid plates for the back? I’d like the same for the front, but not the FPV camera protector. Basically 4 of the triangles?
    Or, do you have 3d plans? My local hobby shop has a 3d printer.

    • Feel free to grab the feet from thingiverse –
      I will add the front bumper shortly because full credits go to ImmersionRC but i would like to improve it.
      The right angle SMA which is used on the stock sander antennas can take a hit on the EzUHF Receiver which sits at the rear of the Vortex 285/250 Pro. If you add my friends SMA protector (it slips over the rear of the EzUHF 4 channel lite unit – may require reaming a little) then this helps protect that SMA from bending the socket on the board. After a few hits i have seen the SMA socket start to bend on the RX PCB (printed circuit board).

    • Currently doing more… changed RX to Frsky X4R Sbus in order to get some latency back. Working very well and the quad feels even more locked in. Designed a new antenna mount plate for the pro which i will be sharing. Pics to follow soon.

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