First 4″ Frame purchased

Last week i purchased a Thug Race Squeeler courtesy of Thug Frames.  Stefan Mirfin was kind enough to put on a cracking offer over the Christmas/New Year period.  Naturally i took full advantage of this and went ahead to purchase my first 4″ (170mm) frame.

Today i fitted some ImmersionRC Vortex 2204 2300Kv motors which i had left over from upgrading my 250 Pro.  These should be perfect for this setup mainly because of the power to weigh ratio of this build.  The 4″ Race squeeler frame comes in at a mere 57 grams.  Therefore these motors should make it go like a rocket.  I today also added some 18A Kiss ESC’s (30a Burst for anyone wondering if they are good enough for this setup).  I will use the super light weight Fatshark V2 camera which i also already have from upgrading it also on my Vortex 250 pro.

Parts ordered today for the setup are: Kiss Flight Controller (32 bit v1.03) courtesy of NeoFPV, DAL Q4045 Quad-Blade Super Durable Propellers in Red and some DAL TJ4045 Tri-Blade Super Durable Propellers in Red courtesy of HobbyRC.

Parts to buy in the future are an ImmersionRC Tramp VTX and some Lumenier AX2 5.8G antennas. My decision for parts to purchase mainly comes down to their light weight.

Watch this space!


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