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Hi guys,

My name is Lee Egan. I am 36 years of age and i have been involved with most aspects of RC since i was around 17 years old.  Currently I fly a mixture of fixed wing aircraft, helicopters and more recently multirotors.  However my preferred choice of RC model over the past 15 years has been the 3D helicopter. Over this time i have gathered an extensive knowledge of model mechanics and electronic components.  My job consists of being the production manager and senior technician at a company here in the UK.  We design and manufacture equipment for use in temperature measurement and MI cable production/assembly.  This sits quite well with the hobby as it also involves all aspects of mechanical and electrical engineering.

Recently my flying has evolved from fixed wing/helicopters to FPV flight.  In particular FPV 250 Class racing due to this becoming ever more popular now in the UK.

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