My 3D printed parts

ImmersionRC Vortex 285

Lee’s Vortex Front Bumper protector – bolt on item that protects the existing stock ImmersionRC bumper plate.

Rod’s SMA Protector – slip on cover so that the right angled SMA adapter for the 433 sander antenna does not bend in a crash.

Lee’s Vortex full bumper plate (4mm thick) – a beefed up 4mm thick full bumper plate.  This can be fitted as a replacement for the stock unit or it can be doubled up using longer screws for further rigidness.

Lee’s Vortex combi antenna mount/battery saver – a combined antenna mount and battery saver.  Print one left and one right side.

Lee’s v1 antenna mounts – 45 degree rear and side facing antenna mounts.  Bolt these straight on top of your carbon plate above the plastic side frame.  Use to guide antennas from your RX.

Lee’s Vortex v2 antenna mounts – version 2 of the antenna mounts.  These have been beefed up and also have a little lip that keeps the back end of your battery straight.

Lee’s Vortex battery saver –  bolt this above your plastic side frame to stop your props from ripping your packs when crashing!

ImmersionRC Vortex 250 Pro

Lee’s Vortex 250 Pro Frsky antenna mount – bolt this over the rear of your top plate.  Mount the RX between the frames above the FC (its a squeeze but it does fit).  Feed the antennas up through the mount and secure with heat shrink or plastic tubing.


Lee’s VTX base station bracket – a simple base station VTX antenna mount bracket. L shaped bracket to allow fitment of VTX antenna extensions.