Our Friends

http://gensace.de – Gensace/Tattu, the best batteries around for anything RC

Gens Ace Tattu




http://www.neofpv.com – Check out Nials shop if your looking for some descent FPV gear.  Nial is the UK’s only distributer of Weaver frames.  He gives an awesome service!






http://www.radioc.co.uk – RadioC – Quadcopter/Drone/Multicopter Parts UK Superstore





http://www.mrprosciutto.co.uk – Graham ‘Prosciutto’ Bacon aka BL4CKBE4RD’s website aimed at FPV Racing







http://www.rcha-uk.com – RC Helicopter Association founded by my very good friend Stuart Nicholas

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http://www.rcheliaddict.co.uk – Best RC Helicopter forum around bar none also founded by my good friend Stuart Nicholas

RCHA 2012




http://www.fullpitch.co.uk – Full Pitch helicopters owned by my good friend Haydn Hamilton.  Designer of the Super Ava 1000 RC helicopter and the Microvolt 250 quadcopter amongst others.

http://www.bvrmc.uk – Blyth Valley Radio Model Club

http://www.nerchc.org.uk – North East Radio Controlled Helicopter Club